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The Omar NASER name is synonymous with high-end fashion worldwide. The combination of Middle Eastern authenticity, timeless elegance, simplicity and sustainable creativity is what distinguishes us.


We are carving our name amongst the peers in the fashion industry by blending craftsmanship that is handmade with necessary mechanization. This maximizes productivity along with qualitative products. We are relentless in our efforts to focus on the quality of all our products.

“Omar NASER is icon for excellent craftsmanship products where we must establish ways to protect this, and on the long term, we will be teaching our next generations on such art as we call it.”


The Omar Naser icon bag that travels the world #NaserCommunity

With the insolence and power of the sky and wind, the Omar Naser Signature bag object continues its fantasy, it extends the body and unleashes the exaltation and energy that bind us together

Understated elegance meets maximum impact in the ultimate luxury in the Omar Naser exclusive icon and its historic elements.

New color codes, craftsmanship details and a contemporary color plate define the Omar Naser monogram bag

One of a kind.

We are specialised in producing small batches of stylish suits that represent our best work yet.

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Personalizing an Omar NASER bespoke suit is all about adapting the garment to the client's specific taste, so every detail is chosen to exact specifications.
Our bespoke suits are garments fully handcrafted with years of experience and knowledge in order to achieve an exceptional and incomparable finish to the exact specifications of our client.

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A suit is not something that everyone can pick up from the rack and expect to feel exclusive. A suit starts as a piece of the taylor and a piece of art. After this, it completes you.

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There can always be a next level

We know very well that humble mixes very well with pretentious. Because our Omar Naser men and women are out there en every corner of the world, we want to offer our quality garments to different countries in which our business is not present, yet.

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Good Business is nothing without Ethics

We always look for ways of making things better for all the people and the enviroment that's why we are looking for investors that could take us to the next level of sustainability and care for the whole world.

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