Transparency is everything, so let's not let questions unanswered.

NASER provides transparency into its business practices; the modern consumer’s knowledge of environmental issues and working conditions means they respond to transparent business practices. And transparency is now more of an expectation than an option.

We create sustainable processes and engaging our customers with it; a demand for more sustainable materials and production methods is a key hallmark of new consumerism.
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Omar Naser Milano
18 Via Caradosso,  20123 Milano – Italia
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Omar Naser Trading LTD,
5 Naser Commercial Building, Khaled Bin Alwaleed Street, Jabal Al Hussein, Amman Jordan
We’re always open for disccussions about our products, ethics or investing in our brand.
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When NASER is looking to expand its team, we are giving people the oportunity to grow more than their current skill level, what they will be capable of doing tomorrow is more important than what they can do today. We will always love people who are smarter than us, always taking a chance on better, even if it seems like a potential threat.

If you are interested in working at NASER, please give us a line using the contact form above. We are always looking for creative people ready to get to the next level with our team.