Although NASER is a company that treasure history and cultural roots, it wants, at the same time, to be close to the place where fashion is made.

We believe in individuality, in tradition, in history, in things done well, with patience and perseverance, but also we want to be contemporary, sharp, modern.

And Milan is a place where we can spread our wings, but also cherish our traditions.

Milan is our chosen city

If you go beyond the narrow streets and past the house facades; you will discover fantastic interiors; the small intricate gardens and intimate refined settings are reminiscent of something exclusive and private. Something from the past, the beauty of the city is in harmony with our style of work, Milan has changed a lot from the past yet it didn’t lost its atmosphere that can absorb and protect us while we work. We can participate in the life of the city in whatever way we feel best for us.

Milan is the capital of fashion

Milan city is the main inspiration for NASER as the foggy beautiful city, part of the creativity process is derived from the culture of Milan and its people, choosing Milan as our headquarter is due to the comprehensive understanding of what makes us move forward and finding creative people in the fashion industry would be for sure Milan.

Moreover, the competition in the fashion houses in Milan speeds up creativity and pacing up with disruptive technologies.

La dolce vita

Another inspiration of the Milanese culture and the overall Italian culture is “la dolce vita” which literally translates to “the sweet life” which is that our work and passion needs this in the whole process for A to Z. In addition, NASER strategy is “MADE IN ITALY” as couture label so this would be a big push for NASER and its quality thus this is going to be found in ITALY. Later our sub labels will be made all over the world.

The best promise fashion can make

From the start we knew we want to have the label "Made in Italy" strongly linked with out name. What more can you say, explain or add other than the fact that this is synonym with high quality in every detail from the craftmanship to the smallest detail in the materials used.

Do it big, or don't do it at all.

If not in Milan, than where? Fashion is not only about the clothes you wear, is also about your lifestyle and experiences. With this in mind, we want to offer a premium experience that brings smiles and trust to our customers in the fact that life is as good as it gets.

NASER will be big player in the high end fashion industry yet relying on sustainable processes, participating at the best fashion weeks of world as well as Milan Fashion Week will speed up our brand recognition throughout the whole globe as well as global visitors of Milan who are interested in the fashion business which will result in new franchisees besides opening new opportunities to drive more sales in our wholesale business.